‘They’re playing with my life’: 25-stone woman fears she will die after gastric bypass op is cancelled for the second time. Louise Hastings has op cancelled after medic resigns’I’ve been treated really badly’, grandmother-of-four saysSays her weight piled on after taking steroids for asthma

Louise Hastings, pictured with husband Mark, believes she could die if she isn't given a gastric bypass operation

Louise Hastings, pictured with husband Mark, believes she could die if she isn’t given a gastric bypass operation

A 25st grandmother claims she will die if she isn’t given a gastric bypass, after her operation was cancelled for the second time.

Louise Hastings, 45, was set to undergo surgery on the NHS at Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham this March in a bid to shed the pounds.

The procedure, which shrinks the stomach and restricts the appetite is designed to help people with life-threatening obesity lose weight. It costs between 10,000 and 15,000.


But the grandmother-of-four said the operation is no longer going ahead as the medic has resigned
and there is no other surgeon available to perform the procedure.

This is the second time her surgery has been cancelled, as the first time it was believed she wouldn’t benefit and there were patients with greater need.

Now Mrs Hastings,
from Birmingham, believes that she has been given a ‘death sentence’ and doctors are ‘playing with my life’.

She said: ‘This was my last chance to have it
done. My asthma is getting worse and they won’t do the operation if
things deteriorate anymore.

‘I’ve been treated really badly. It’s like they are playing with my life.’

‘When they phoned me up and told me it was being cancelled and not even postponed, I just burst into tears.

The Hastings in 1987 before Louise's weight gain

Mark and Louise Hastings in 1987 before Louise’s weight gain

‘They told us that there are no other surgeons qualified and they are actually training two up as we speak.

‘I just burst into tears when I found out. My daughters had to tell me to calm down I was simply hysterical.’

Mrs Hastings described that she started piling on the pounds after being forced to take strong steroids to treat her severe asthma.

Louise said: ‘I’m on oxygen at night and have heaps of drugs I have to take, at times I’m practically house bound.’

Her husband Mark, 48, added: ‘We are gutted and Louise is inconsolable.

‘I can understand that the hospital has lost a surgeon but measures should be in place to take over that work.

Mrs Hastings in hospital last July when the first gastric bypass procedure was cancelled

Mrs Hastings in hospital last July when the first gastric bypass procedure was cancelled

‘This is Louise’s last chance. We have been told she could die unless she loses weight.’

Heart of England NHS Trust, which runs heartlands Hospital, confirmed the surgeon concerned had left.

But it refused to say how many patients also had the operations postponed, but did insist they had other surgeons capable of carrying out gastric bypass surgeries.

A spokesperson said: ‘With any consultant or nurse departure from the trust we make adequate arrangements for patients to continue their treatment.

‘Due to confidentiality, we cannot comment on any individual patient’s treatment.

‘We would urge Louise to get in touch if she would like to discuss her treatment.’

Weight loss surgery is available on the NHS, but due to high demand there may be considerable waiting lists.

In total, 4,211 weight loss procedures were carried out on the NHS in April 2008 to April 2009.and privately gastric bypass surgery costs around 10,000 to 15,000.